Alibre Part Library provides access to millions of standard and manufacturer-specific components, such as fasteners, bearings, steel shapes, gears and motors. Use the simple interface to select a specific part and size; then seamlessly download the component into a new Alibre Design Professional workspace. ANSI, ISO, JIS and DIN are supported industry standards. Fifty-two manufacturer catalogs including PEM, NSK, SKF, Globe, Torrington, THK and Thomson are also supported. All components are precise 3D ACIS (.SAT) files.
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Soporte, 643x567, 17 Kb
Tuerca, 690x589, 16 Kb
Clip, 666x559, 14 Kb
Engranaje, 713x574, 15 Kb
Tornillo Máquina, 654x547, 21 Kb
Rodamiento, 767x614, 31 Kb
Tornillo de cabeza Hexagonal, 751x605, 18 Kb
Tornillo Bristol, 417x471, 23 Kb
Clip E, 522x574,17 Kb
Abrazadera para cable, 687x600, 19 Kb
Cuña media caña, 724x519, 14 Kb
Pin Dowell, 721x523, 12 Kb
Engranaje de dientes rectos con cubo, 591x593, 21 Kb
Rodamiento axial de rodillos a rotula, 600x568, 29 Kb
Rodamiento axial de bolas, 755x460, 31 Kb
Rodamiento de rodillos cónicos, 750x597, 30 Kb
Tornillo sin Cabeza Bristol, 604x579, 21 Kb
Tornillo para  Madera Avellanado, 784x427, 25 Kb
Tornillo para Madera  Gota de Sebo, 726x539, 31 Kb
Tornillo para Madera de Cabeza Phillips, 691x489, 29 Kb
L Angle
Square Tube

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